It's Sven (he/him),

I'm a polyglot software engineer, and I live close by Munich, Germany which is most famously known for 🥨 and 🍺.


I'm very passioned about building software that helps people save time on tedious repetitive tasks. I have a graduate degree in computer science (Dipl. Inf. FH / M.Sc. - 2006) with a specialization in software engineering, classical AI and databases.


At my day job as a software engineer, I operate mostly on the backend and solve interesting problems. With the current focus on process data analytics and data processing in rust.


As a passionate rust enthusiast, I would like to give back to the community by serving as a maintainer of cargo-generate and being an author of some crates.

In my spare time, I enjoy working on these projects and hope to make a positive impact on the rust community through my contributions.

As a co-organizer of the rust munich meetup, I'm always looking for speakers with interesting topics or other rust related projects to share with other passioned rustaceans.

If you have a rust topic you want to talk about, it would be awesome if you drop me a DM on twitter.