It's Sven (he/him),

I live in munich, germany which is most famously known for 🥨 and 🍺 and I'm an independent polyglot software engineer.

I help companies

  • building better business software,
  • reducing the amount of legacy code,
  • apply best practices,
  • solve performance issues,
  • modernize architecture,
  • and establish continuous integration pipelines.

Additionally, I build software engineering teams that share knowledge, collaborate openly and operate agile to get stuff done.


I'm very passion about building software that helps people saving time on tedious repetitive tasks. I have a graduate degree in computer science (Dipl. Inf. FH / M.Sc. - 2006) with a specialization in software engineering, AI and databases.


In my day job as a software engineer, I operate on the full-stack of the product and tend to find the backend (APIs + Databases + Business Logic) a bit more exciting than the frontend part.


On my night shift, I'm a rust enthusiast and wish to give back to the community as a maintainer and author of some crates.

As a co-host of the rust munich meetup, I try to find speakers with interesting topics and also share my own learnings all around the rust ecosystem with other passioned rustaceans.

If you have an interesting topic to talk about, it would be awesome if you drop me a DM on twitter.