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What is the matter with `AsRef`?

the AsRef trait is everywhere in the std lib and very handy. However, the benefit using it is maybe not too obvious. But read on, and you will see some useful examples and where to apply it.

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rust macro rules in practice

Rust has a very strong and typed macro system. First it sounds all overwhelming, but it's easier than you think. Let me illustrate how easy on 2 simple examples from a practical project.

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lifetimes made easy

Rust lifetimes have the reputation to be very complicated, hard to use and even harder to understand. With this little article the entry barrier should be lowered and clarity should shine among the curious reader.

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little rust starter hint series: polymorphism and traits

Rust is not an OOP language, but there are still ways to implement polymorphism and interfaces in rust. Here we going to explore how traits can be used to introduce interface semantics in Rust on a little hexdump tool.

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little rust starter hint series: tests and tdd

Rust has a very easy way to test your code. Here you will learn the very basics how to start to solve a problem in a test driven style in rust.

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